Sunday, October 11, 2015

End of the week in Cromer


Lovely day again, and after breakfast we drove to Blakemey Point. Parked up, and went for a walk across the marshes. Saw lots of birdlife, including this Eagret

The walk was lovely, about 2 miles out to the beach, where we saw the huge wind farms that exist out to sea.

Walked back into Blakeney, still in gorgeous sunshine, past the dinghy park!


Found a lovely pub just round the corner where it was so warm we sat outside for lunch. On the way back we called at Leathersett WaterMill to pick up some flour for Stuart to make bread with.

Then we went into Holt, in much better weather than when we were last there on Sunday. Called at the Adnams shop and picked up some Christmas presents, as well as some gin and liqueurs for us.

Back to the little villa we've been calling home for the last week.

And we spent the evening in, a bottle of wine, a home cooked meal, and more jigsaw!

Stuart did rather blot his copybook by nearly finishing it after I'd gone to bed!


Last day. Another misty start, but looked like being nice again, so we went to Sherigham Park. Another National Trust property. The house isn't open to the public, but the grounds are extensive, and we had a great walk round the park. Saw lots of fungi again! Also some fantastic views of the coast, some come the top of wooden towers in the park. I managed to brave a coupe of them , but the last one pictured below was too much for me. Managed to get half way up, but then realised that not only could I see through the steps. But it moved!

After a sandwich in the cafe on site, we went for a walk round Sherringham, specifically along the sea front.

At the end was the RNLI station, where we got a chance to sea the lifeboat, surprising with the same name as someone we know. Really interesting to get on the viewing platform above it and look down on all the gear on board. And it wasn't very big, going out with 4 crew, it can still rescue 22 people.

Back to pack, and for the last time to the resort bar for a very nice steak.

A couple of nightcap, and a relatively early night ready for a long drive back tomorrow!

Great week. Lots of good food, walks, houses, and a really relaxing time.




Friday, October 9, 2015

Mid week in Cromer


Woke up to a miserable day. Raining and misty. Got up latish, and Stuart went for a swim in the pool on site. I decided I also needed some exercise, so I walked to the pool and sat in the sauna for a while, then the poolside jacuzzi for even longer. It was hard work watching Stuart swim.

Then we drove along the coast to Wells next the Sea. Which is actually nowhere near the sea. I may return to this point. We had been recommended a pub to go to by a friend, the Golden Fleece, and it seemed rude not to try it.

Luckily we were both hungry, so we ordered lunch, and I had another wonderful crab salad. I had always assumed Whitby crab was the best in the world, but I'm actually having to reconsider...

By the time we had come out of the pub it had stopped raining so we decided to walk to find the sea. Setting off from the harbour

We walked for about a mile over the marshes. Finally we got to the beach, with some amazing beach huts on stilts.

But, the sea was still a long way off. It's where the breakers are on this picture

About another mile away. But, at least we saw it. Then we drove back via a supermarket to pick up food for the evening. It was going to be a long evening....

We put some braising steak in the oven, as we had a lot to watch! It was the opening night of my son Daniel's play, The Hound of the Baskervilles which he had written and directed but we were missing because it clashed with our holiday. It was also The final of Great British Menu, Great British Bake off final and the final episode and the denouement of Dr Foster. Luckily a colleague had agreed to film and live stream the opening night of Baskervilles, so with my trust iPad and a bottle of fizz to toast Daniel we were set up.

With only a couple of issues with the wifi where we had to watch it in my iPhone for a few minutees it worked really well,and I really felt we were there. It was a fantastic experience. Daniels's play was great and the actors did it justice.

Then when it finished, we had all of the other programmes to watch. Thanks goodness for iplayer on the iPad and a good wifi network. We were late to bed!,


Beautiful sunny day, Staurt went off for a swim and I decided to start a jigsaw I'd been bought as a Christmas present. Then as soon as he got back we set off for another National Trust property, Blickling Hall and Estate. Beautiful place.

We had an amazing day. The house was lovely.

As were the formal gardens


Whilst walking round the gardens we saw a sign for the Sitooterie, which I jokingly said must be somewhere you "sit oot". Turns out I was right!

Made from weaving together yew trees and some stained glass, it was lovely. After the formal gardens we had lunch in a pub in the grounds, very handy, then walked round the lake.


On such a beautiful day it was fantastic. Saw lots of fungi under the trees. Assumed it was all poisonous, so,was very careful not to touch...

Drove home, and got back in time for Pointless, always a bonus. Chilled out for a while with the jigsaw and some gin and tonics, and ate at the local bar where we were serenaded by the entertainer singing a medley of songs. Of course I particularly enjoyed the Neil Diamond ones! Back in time for a film and some more jigsaw action.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Off to Cromer

Off on our hols again, this time to Cromer, a place neither of us have ever been to. I last came to Norfolk on holiday when I was a teenager I think when we hired a boat on the Norfolk Broads. So, Cromer Country Club is our home for the next week, and here's a diary of our week.


Set of around 1030, surprisingly early for us. And a good drive all the way to Kings Lynn with no traffic. At aroud 1330 we decided we needed lunch, but suddenly all the pubs and stops disappeared. With the help of our satnav we found The Green Man just outside Fakenham. Disappointed that they were only doing Sunday roast, we were very impressed with landlady who offered us a Cromer crab salad instead. And it was magnificent!


Arrived in Cromer late afternoon, and as we'd both been sitting in a car for nearly 4 hours decided we had to get out steps,up somehow, som went to explore the resort and where we were in relation to Cromer. At the top of the resort we found a lighthouse

And soon realised we had fantastic views of the beach

Walked along the cliff path, and saw Cromer pier appear in the distance.

Walked right down into the town, had a bit of a look round and walked back. In time for a Whiskey Mac, and some nibbles before going to the onsite restuarant for a meal. This time I gave in and had a proper Sunday roast!


Short drive to Sheringham in the morning and hopped on a steam train to Holt.

Lovely journey, and even I was impressed that we passed a train called The Black Prince!


I love these restored lines, and the beautifully preserved stations


When we got to Holt it was quite a walk into town, about 30 minutes, but quite a pleasant walk, past Greshams School, which is enormous. Despite the forecast, it was dry, and Holt was lovely. Full of Georgian buildings

And so many shops, many of them in little squares

The first shop we went in was an Adnams shop. I knew they made beer, but didn't realise they also had a distillery, and the lovely man in the shop made sure I tasted all of their gin, vodka and liqueurs. Felt quite tipsy afterwards! Spent the morning walking round the lovely town and shoppes, and went for lunch in Byfords which is apparently quite famous.

Couldn't resist their fish platter - and a glass of wine of course!

When we came out it was throwing it down, so instead of walking back to the station we deiced to catch a bus or get a cab. That was a bit of a challenge. But we eventually got a cab and caught our train, and watched the rain on the way back.

Made it back to our little apartment in time for a whisky Mac and Pointless, which I think might become a bit of a recurring theme! Needed to do some steps so went for a walk in the rain, but On the plus side managed to find a little shop selling ice!

Dinner was in the onsite restuarant again, and then we watched a film over our night caps.


Another late morning, just catching up on sleep, and we went to Felbrigg Hall, a National Trust property. Had to do a detour back to the house as Stuart had forgotten his membership card, but got in eventually. What a lovely place it was.

The house was decorated for Harvest time, and had lots of flowers and fruit everywhere


Fter the house we went for a walk round the gardens, which included an amazing walled garden which has been lovingly restored.

After lunch in the cafe, and you can't beat a National Trust cafe, we went for a walk round the park, and found a tiny church which had an interior a little like Whitby Church, with individual areas for parishioners to sit, and a bonus of beautiful brass plaques in the floor which had been carefully covered with carpet which you had to roll back to see them.


Then we walked to the lake and passed a flock of goldfinches feeding on thistle seeds, and saw many water birds on the lake.

On the way back we passed a Sessile Oak. Not sure what it is, but very old, and hollow.

Again, very lucky with the weather, didn't get wet at all, and even after calling at a supermarket for essential supplies, got back in time for Whiskey Mac and Pointless!

Watched the last ever New Trickes and feasted on jacket potatoes, cheese, beans and sausages. Our main staple meal in the middle of a holiday!

As I type this, Stuart has decided he hasn't done enough steps, and as it's now raining outside, is walking round and round the room... I'm just about to pour another glass of wine!