Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Sexton Heritage Weekend

We're always on the look out for interesting paces to go camping over bank holiday weekends, and with the Peak District on our doorstep, that's not difficult! However, last weekend we decided to try something different - we went to Laneham.  It's a few miles from where I was born and brought up, Retford, and is on the banks of the River Trent. On a Sunday afternoon or evening when I was young we used to drive to Laneham, park the car on the edge of the river, and together with many other families, watch the river and boats. there was usually someone water skiing, and a converted railway carriage served tea. So it was a bit of a nostalgia trip for me.

We took the bus into Retford, and everyone had to take part in the "Sexton Heritage Trail" as I pointed out where I'd worked as a Saturday Girl (a pork butcher's called Bacon's....)

Where I'd been to school (now demolished), pubs I'd drunk in, where I'd fallen off my bike, and other gems. We went to the park I'd played in and looked along  the picturesque River Idle

And then we walked along the Chesterfield Canal towpath which is very pretty. Quite a few locks, and lots of wildlife, including the tiniest baby moorhens I's ever seen. Eventually we arrived at  what used to be my local pub, and is still is for Mum and Dad. As my family still live close by it was nice to see them for lunch at The Hop Pole.

That night we had a BBQ at the campsite, and the following day walked along the River Trent to Rampton for Sunday lunch. The whole area is under the shadow of a number of power stations, we were very close to Cottam, which is very dramatic.

Family came out to visit us in the afternoon, and we paid a second visit to a newly opened brewery in the village for some very nice Springhead beer. Another BBQ, during which we saw a Vulcn bomber fly overhead, and then another night in the tent - and later our friends' camper van as it's warmer!

The next morning we woke to the worst sound you can hear on the day you're taking the tent down - heavy rain!  So, the tent ended up being thrown in the back of the car, and dried in the garden over the next few days.

So, a slightly different camping weekend, but a good one.

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