Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last camp of the summer....

We try and get away in September - last camp of the summer before we pack everything away. Weather is usually mixed, and often cold. This year was different. We went to Hope, two tents and a camper van (for the old people...), got there Friday late afternoon, and after the usual arguments over putting the tents up, had some drinks and nibbles in the very balmy evening sun. Then off into Hope for a pub meal, and back for a nightcap.Despite the time of year, no blankets, or slankets, were needed, and we sat outside quite happily until bedtime.

Next  morning we had a communal breakfast - everyone cooking something - and then walked to Castleton. It's a nice stroll which takes about 90 minutes along the bottom of Loose Hill, with some lovely views of Pevril Castle. Into Castleton past a playground and farm shop with lots of small animals, and a coffee at the Cinnamon Twist, closely followed by some retail therapy in the gift shops. Lunch in a pub, what else, and then we walk back to Hope along the river. Lots of crab apples seem to be thrown from the end of sticks along this stretch.

A BBQ in the evening followed by lots of toasted marshmallows. We did venture into the camper van, but that was mainly to keep the noise down rather than because it was cold. During the night we heard that terrible sound of rain, and in the morning the tents were wet. We managed another communal breakfast, and  then chucked our tent into the back of the car to dry when we got home.

A great weekend - good weather and good company. I do love camping!

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