Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Things to do in Denver....

Am in Denver at the moment for a conference. The journey over was fairly uneventful - a little long, but at least the 10 hour flight was direct. It was late when we landed, but a group of us met up in the evening and had a couple of drinks and went out for a meal to try and beat the jet lag. It's a very long day - you get an extra six hours, and I'm sure an extra couple of meals!

The following day we went for a walk around LoDo (Lower Downtown), an old warehouse district which has been done up. There's a beautiful station, which is shut at the moment, but we managed to get in and take some photos of the interior, which we are sure has been used for some films, but we couldn't remember which.

We called in at Coors Field, the basketball stadium, and at Wynkoops, our favourite microbrewery pub for lunch.

I was thrilled to find we could get another Segway ride in whilst here. Those who know me or read this will know how much I love them, and we went on a 2 hour tour of Denver. There were 3 on the trip who'd never done it before and I was pleased to find they enjoyed it just as much as I did. The UK is one of the strictest places in the world for being able to ride them in public - you can in most of the States and Europe. Bonkers really.

We travelled about 8 miles on the tour and saw most of Denver, including the performing arts district, and the civic centre. It's a beautiful city, on one side a desert, and the other the rocky mountains which are topped with snow at the time of year.  As we were in the mile high city, had to sit on the step of the State Capitol which is exactly a mile above sea level. Give or take a couple. Apparently it keeps changing.

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