Friday, December 7, 2012

Elemental Force

I love Chatsworth House, and we have friends season tickets so can go whenever we want. A couple of weeks ago we got invited to a free event for friends - something called Elemental Force.  Tickets were limited and went very quickly. So, we turned up at 6pm, and were directed on to the lawn which had been transformed by fire sculptures

All powered by gas, they were quite  impressive. Then the main show started. The house was lit up,

music played, and then the story of the Industrial Revolution was projected on the house. It was spectacular.
and made really good use of pyrotechnics. at one point (virtual) chimneys rose out of the ground and when they reached the top of the house smoke and fire came out of them. A crane lowered a huge wheel which had an acrobat in who spun dizzily round, and the whole thing finished with a great firework display.

Go and see it if you get a chance. Details of where else its happening are here

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