Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More beaches....

Thursday we went with Helen and Owen  to a lovely place on the beach for lunch - I had conch and it was fantastic. So nice to sit under palm trees and look over to an almost deserted beach.

After lunch we played on the beach, and went in the incredible shallow and warm sea.

In the evening we stayed at our hotel, drank lots of cocktails and listened to some reggae!

 Friday we drove up to the top of the island  - Leeward -  and went for a walk along the beach.very busy again as you can see.

When we got back we went to the pool, and were amazed to see a small heron join us. He stayed by the pool, right next to us, for about an hour, and even drank from the pool. 

In the evening Helen, Toby and Owen joined us, and we had a BBQ - there were a couple of communal BBQ areas in the grounds of the hotel with gas BBQs, implements, fridges, and places to eat. We had a great meal of salad, bread, grilled vegetables and steak.

The following day - horror - it was raining. We just managed to get our breakfast before the heavens opened - had to shelter as it was coming down too hard for us to get back to our room.

No trip to the beach as we'd planned, so what better to do than find an ice cream parlour that serves cocktails!

The rain did stop eventually, and we had a lovely walk along the beach

Sunday was our last day, and the sun was shining again

After checking out of the hotel and dropping the hire car off, we went off to the beach again for the day. Another almost deserted beach, warm shallow sea, golden sand....

The only bad thing to happen was I dropped my camera in the sad, face down. Got sand in all of the lens mechanism and completely broke it. Otherwise a lovely lazy day, rounded off with a lovely late lunch in another restaurant with an amazing view.

Back to Toby and Helens, a quick shower and change and off to the airport for our long journey back. A fab time!

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