Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Last couple of days

Last day, and we decided to drive to Pitlochry, a town I first visited many, many years ago when I was a teenager. Went for a walk around Loch Faskally  which is formed by the hydroelectric dam.
Started with a suspension bridge, to which people have attached "love padlocks".

To help the salmon get back to their spawning grounds, there's a salmon ladder at the side of the dam

You can walk right across the top of the dam, and you get a great view along the valley

As we set off round the loch, the sun came out and the colours were fantastic and together with the reflections in the Loch, it was impossible to take a bad picture!

The walk was lovely, and after a couple of hours we were ready for a pint and some lunch, and we found a lovely pub called the Watermill, with a real mill wheel.

Back home for some packing, a couple of drinks (well, we didn't want to take it home), and dinner. Went for a walk after dinner round the site, as the Loch loved lovely in the evening, and there's a old gate from when the site was the gardens to Taymouth Castle.

Monday morning, up early for a long drive back, and it had been snowing on the hills!

Left about 10, and after a stop after a coule of hours, we were doing well. Until we hit stationary traffic at Scotch Corner, and had to do a U turn over the central reservation to find a different way.  Eventually got home just before 6. Tired, but we'd had a fantastic week.

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