Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas, the real thing

I love Christmas :-) It's very different without small kids waking us up at 5am, so we have a nice lie in now, and open our presents together with a glass of Bucks Fizz

My tiger onesie was wonderful and I got a whole stack of other stuff, Then the boys come round and we have a load of more present opening. Then my Mum and dad and Brother and Sister-in law come round and we have Christmas dinner in our kitchen. Luckily my neighbour has an aga which I borrow, because I don't think the turkey would fit in my oven!

Rest of the day is drinking, eating more and finding some games to play. This year we had indoor fireworks, which was a bit an experience!!

On Boxing Day we set off for Handsworth to watch the sword dancers - more carol singing, and the mummers play as well as the sword dance.

Because our family is quite extended, we have several days of various kids and grandchildren turning up for more meals, and of course, more present opening - makes Christmas last even longer!

This year, the night most of the family came round - it snowed! Looked lovely, and we built snowmen on the road, but it did mean no-one could get home. Borrowed lots of bedding form the neighbours, and we had an impromptu sleepover!

Our new cat, Gelly, had never seen it before. He wasn't impressed.

Our annual drinks do between Christmas and New Year is a fun event - its amazing how many people you can get in our kitchen! It doesn't look like this for long.

After it was over, we cleared up, and walked through the snow down to Fagans for our regular Sunday night pub quiz. A combination of snow, and Christmas festivities meant that when we got there, we thought we stood a reasonable chance of winning...

But, others turned up, and we didnt't win.
And of course, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas wouldn't be complete without a trip to the pantomime - we always go to the City Hall to see whatever Manor Operatic are putting on, and this year it was Peter Pan. Oh no it wasn't....

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