Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What a reunion weekend!

In 1967 I left my junior school, Carr Hill, in Retford, and having passed my 11-plus, went to Retford County High School for Girls. In 1974, I left, along with a great many friends made during the 7 years there. Over the past years we've had a few reunions, and last November had another to celebrate 40 years since leaving school. I know. 40 years. That can't be right. But it is! Facebook has been instrumental in us getting back together, and we have our own private group where we share pictures and memories and chat to each other.

Our last reunion was such a success, we decided to go for a weekend away, and last weekend some of us we descended on a lovely cottage in Staffordshire. I arrived late Friday afternoon, with a car full of food and booze, to discover 4 of them already there and a cottage already overflowing with food and booze. As we said several times over the weekend. I think we overcatered.

Mulled wine flowed. Rosemary arrived with another car load of food and drink. Selfie sticks were practiced with.

Balloons were blown up and danced with (don't ask).

Then we had a fantastic goulash courtesy of Siobhan. Plus puddings, more booze, more laughter...

Then there was Valentine's cards and presents.

Finally bed. Despite the fact that there were 3 bedrooms, someone decided that the five of us should all sleep in one room - which a nice girly thing to do. Except for the fact that someone snored. And ground their teeth. People seemed to think it was me but I don't believe them.

Next morning some were up bright and early (not me),  and there was coffee and kedgeree which was delicious.

Sally arrived, and we started being artistic. Wendy had brought paints, pens, canvases, paper, and a lot of patience and coaching skills. 

After the painting came sewing. Sewing machines were produced and Siobhan and Susan helped us start quilting cushion covers.

Then we had lunch, and decided maybe fresh air was in order. By then Carol had arrived, and we went for a walk.

More sewing when we got back - and we all finished our cushion covers - ably helped along by Prosecco, Baileys and wine ;-)

 Goulash for tea. More drinking, more laughing, some quizes - were there were winners, and losers...

and bed.

Next morning we had smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and Bucks Fizz for breakfast. Cooked by Sally and it was delish!!

Then more painting. I really got the bug and couldn't stop!  Janice arrived, and she and Sue worked on their sock monkeys.

I had a hat to knit, and everyone helped with it!  The day seemed to pass in a blur of painting, eating, drinking and sewing. Great fun. This is my output at the end of it - the hat wasn't quite finished at this point but was a bit later

In the evening, when there was just 5 of us again as Carol, Janice and Sally had left we watched films. The kareoke version of Mamma Mia which we sang along to enthusiastically. Priscilla Queen of the Desert for more Abba songs. And finally, of course, The Rocky Horror Show where we all did the time warp...

And next day it was time to go home. A great weekend, great fun, and great company. Can't wait to do it again!

Wendy has written a much better post than this with lots more pictures, which is here.

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