Friday, May 13, 2011

You can have a dark side...

About three years ago one of the family told us about a fairly unknown artist who was appearing at the Memorial Hall, and suggested we got tickets. Apparently he played piano, sang funny songs, and told jokes. Well, several of us got tickets, and had the privilege of seeing Tim Minchin perform to a couple of hundred people for the first time. I was smitten, and spent the night alternatively laughing and being amazed at his musicality. Since then we've seen him again in the Memorial Hall, and at the City Hall, and then the other night at the Sheffield Arena, playing to many thousands. This post is just an opportunity to post some pictures of the great man, which is no substitute for being at a gig.

From the moment he came on, apparently in a cage (singing "I'm in a Cage" of course), and then magically appeeared a split second later at his trademark grand piano and launched into Rock and Roll Nerd we knew we were in for a great night.

He had a 50 piece orchestra with him, which I was a bit concerned might be too overpowering, but it wasn't, the arrangements were great, and the sound good enough to catch most if not all of his witty lyrics.

He is irreverent to say the least, an there was definitely a sharp intake of breath around the place when he placed a copy of the Holy Koran next to a copy of Harry Potter to discuss what made a book sacred.  His virtually one work expletive lyric to The Pope Song is best looked up, and is definitely not suitable for work!

The lighting was fantastic, and the show featured some new stuff, my favorite being "Cont" which had all of us cringing until he discovered the missing half of the lyrics which put it all into "Context". You'll have to see him to get that one!

Dark Side provided a spectacular finale with the poor piano getting a lot of hammer from his feet as well as his hands,  and after a standing ovation we got the now traditional encore of the very simple and beautifully cheesy  White Wine in the Sun.

A great night!

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