Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mallorca, part one

So, we're in Mallorca, one of my favourite places. On holiday. Saturday was a rather uneventful day getting here - a lovely clear day as we drove across the Snake, good check-in, nice food and drink in a Lounge ( thanks to my bank giving me a Priority Pass), and a flight delayed by only an hour! Arrived at our villa in Puerto d'Alcudia about 8 o'clock and after a quick look round, we were off to find somewhere to eat. A nearby grill sufficed, and after a couple of beers and some steak and fish we felt like we were on holiday. The clouds seemed a bit darker than normal, but we thought nothing of it, until we woke up...

...the next day to find it raining. and I mean raining. Good old English throwing it down rain. So, we stayed in bed and hoped it would go away.

When it didn't, we got up and went shopping. Got the essentials, beer, wine, bread, loo rolls, you know the sort of thing. And got back to the villa to find the rain had stopped, and it was sort of OKish. Warm enough to go in the pool. Only the pool was cold. Very cold. But we soon got used to it, and a

good time was had by all. However, when we got out, we were cold, and me and Ollie sat wrapped in a blanket - not what you expect for a holiday by the Med! A phone call from home then caused a bit of a panic. The utility room ceiling had water dripping through it. The only thing above it was the fish tank, which was....leaking! Some quick thinking, and the application of a towel and duct tape seemed to save the day, and later we wandered down to the Jolly Roger Bar, which was - ordinary. Then we came back, sat outside the villa and chatted over a bottle of wine. Very civilised.

Monday we woke up to glorious sunshine, and spent the day by the pool. Reading books, listening to music, eating ice creams, and generally chilling out. In the evening we drove to Puerto Pollensa, and walked along the bay, looking at various sand sculptures

till we found a place we liked, and Tom and I shared a paella. Ollie wasn't impressed with the seafood!

When we got back we heard loud noises and after discounting thunder, decided it was fireworks, and climbed on the roof of the villa to watch them, and in the process saw an amazing shooting star. Not seen one as clear and as close at that before.

Today we woke up to sunshine and a few clouds, and after a mooch by the pool, walked to the beach, all of 10 mins. Ollie and Tom dug a hole until they reached water,

always a good thing to do, and I regressed to my childhood and built a sandcastle by the edge of the sea, and felt that amazing glow of pleasure when the sea filled the moat all the way round! Then I turned it into a dribble castle, taking me back to when my kids were small and I spent many happy hours doing it - all towers and turrets and fairies and wizards. And then watching the sea eventually claiming it and taking it down. Great fun.

Lunch at a beach cafe of sandwiches, chips and beer ( what else?), and tried to watch a friends funeral as it was live streamed to find it needed Microsoft Silverlight (yuch), and wouldn't work on my iPhone.

Back to the villa and some more reading by the pool, interrupted only by the fridge door falling off. Fairly spectacular. Maybe too much wine and beer in it? Then a BBQ with home made burgers, which luckily stayed together and some pool and table tennis and more wine before bed.

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