Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mallorca part 2

Wednesday we woke up and it was dull and cloudy, this is not the weather we expect over here! We decided to out for the day, and because Ollie was with us, we thought the Palma Aquarium might be a good idea. It's not far from the airport, about 45 mins drive, and we were there by 12. First thing to negotiate was the car park, tiny, but with a great guy manoeuvring people in and out. Then there was the queue to pay - enormous. But, we made it, and I have to say it was one of the best aquariums I've been to. The first section was tropical seas, and was made up of a mixture of huge and small tanks, with everything from piranhas and sharks to tiny brightly coloured fish like Nemo.

Of course there were sharks,

and giant Moray Eels, which looked as if they were talking to you as they constantly opened and shut their mouths.

There was a display of jellyfish and one of seahorses. The jellyfish were fantastic, displayed very well in tanks with coloured lighting, and were hypnotic to watch.

All through the exhibit the tanks were very well set out, with cushions for everyone to sit on and watch the fish. We spent ages there, and then came out into the sunshine to the gardens, complete ponds of turtles and rays, and with pirates throwing waterbombs at everyone to drench them and cool them off, as it was now very hot.

Then it was into the jungle exhibit with waterfalls, orchids, and giant ferns. Finally it was the ocean tanks which were enormous, and we sat for ages watching the sharks and other fish, which in places swam above us.

It was a great day out, we spent nearly 5 hours there. Then it was back for a swim and catching the last of the rays.

In the evening Stu and I went into Alcudia to meet a friend from work and her husband who were staying just round the bay from us. We managed a quick walk round Alcudia first, and then had a lovely evening with them in the old square.

Thursday was glorious, so we spent a day by the pool. I read a book, from start to finish, the best way to do to. It was Room, by and I recommend it to anyone. Amazing. In the evening we went to Alcudia again, and took Ollie and Tom for a walk round the old town, including round the city walls where you get amazing views of the town and the surrounding countryside. Bit scary in places though - you'd never get some of the steps up to the walls through UK Health and Safety!

The streets of Alcudia are lovely - some just small houses with plants and often people sitting chatting in the shade outside, and some with very upmarket shops, and always with  lovely bunting across the street to provide a little shade.

After a meal in a lovely courtyard garden, we were back to the villa for more socialising and a couple of games of pool.

Friday morning by the pool again and then to the beach, where Ollie and Tom built a car, and I made another dribble castle, my favourite beach pastime.

A quick nip to the supermarket to stock up on essentials, ready for Beka, Paul and family joining us tomorrow, and then a meal in the bar just across the road, where Ollie tired himself out in the bouncy castle. I had my first cocktail of the holiday, a champagne one complete with sparkler.

Then back to the villa, and Tom and Stu had a last few games of pool, but this time I joined in, and won two games on the trot. Pure luck, and them potting the white, but it felt good anyway!

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