Friday, August 26, 2011

Grass skirts, Frapping and Diddling

Thursday started rainy, and I couldn't seem to get moving, so didn't go to an early morning session. Stayed in the cottage for a while, and then had a mooch round the shops, before heading off to see one my favourite artists - me old mate Pete Morton. Good friend to many of us who'd traveled to Whitby, a super singer songwriter with his own distintive style. Pete' recently invented the Frap, or folk rap, and here's a taste of what it's like:

Great concert, with many songs from his new album Economy (economy simply  means well being....).

Then we were treated to a wonderful set from Lady Maisery. I'd never seen them before, but they were stunning, three beautiful voices which blend together really well. As well as singing traditional folk tunes they've reinvented the art of diddling, or singing tunes - have a listen to this excerpt from their CD. I've already mentioned Hannah James clog dancing and we were treated to another amazing performance,  as well a novelty instrument. The ban-sitar, a banjo which sounds like a sitar. Not a brillinat picture as I was sitting the the back, but you should be able to make out Rowan holding it  - it was made by her dad Helmut Rheingans. Strange, but rather good to listen to.

A great concert. Good to see artists doing slightly longer sets than they often do here.

Back to the cottage for a sit down, a regroup and a drink, before setting off for  our friend's cottage. The sun was shining, and it was another great walk along the river.

We were heading out for a meal at The Vineyard - all 17 of us - but had a quick couple of bottles of fizz at Beka and Paul's first.  A lovely meal, lots good seafood (mussels, fish stew and monkfish) as well some nice steaks and a great trio of pork with black pudding. Then back to bekas to get ready for the big night - the Hawaiian ceilidh. We'd gone to town with garlands and grass skirts, as well as some funky sunglasses I'd picked up at a conference years ago:

So, we set off, luckily only a few minutes walk, and noticed the shadows on the church again, of course the boys had to have ago, and ran down from the Whalebones, over the bridge and up the 199 Abbey steps in a couple of minutes,. What it must be like to be fit! After waiting their turn, they made it in front of the lights:

Not a brilliant picture but best I could do from a long way off.  The ceilidh was fantastic. Dancing to Hekety and Martin Harvey who'd dressed up for the occasion:

 Even Manchester Morris Men who had the dance spot performed in pink grass skirts:

 We did lots of dances, and had a great time. Took loads of pictures but most came out blurry, bit like I felt!  Here's a selection.

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