Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday at Whitby

Sunday was another glorious day. Walked into town and noticed that the Penny Hedge wasn't looking too healthy. Hope it managed to last the obligatory 3 tides! Had a wander round the lovely old streets and shops on the East Side in the morning while Stuart went to a banjo workshop. Then caught up with some more dancing, Hansdworth and Boggarts the two Sheffield teams again.

Walked up to the spa, and saw the lifeboat coming back in apparently after some sort of rescue.

Saw our friends sons in the playing for a session workshop, which was huge and sounded really good.

Then went into a concert to see who was on and walked in to hear one of my favourite songs being sung by INPO, The Last Dance, which I haven't heard for ages. Then caught Jim Causley

and Andy Casseley who were both good, (but one sang a song about Leeds Becoming a Seaport Town, and said that in the broadsheet the town had been left out so that it could be sold in more places. Then the next came on and sang when Birmingham became a seaport town...). Finally Raj Raj Raj were on, a great group of young musicians who met at the Folkworks Summer School.

Then outside to join to queue for Sid Kipper do his Two Faced and Gutless show, which pretty much describes a kipper. Very funny, and much better than last year, and as well as the walnut shells he had a new percussion instrument, sea shells.

Back to the cottage for sausage and mash. And then to the spa for the evening ceilidh, where the Witchmen danced - an excellent Border team. I took some video of them dancing outside earlier - very energetic.

We wanted to see Gallus, a Scottish band play, but some of them couldn't make it so half of them played with Peeping Tom. Disappointed that the kilts hadn't made an appearance, but the fiddle player was pretty good.

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