Monday, March 12, 2012

Dolls House Basement

So, despite Sunday being a gorgeous sunny day, I decided to decorate the basement of the Dolls House. I wanted to finally screw the top on, and because of the depth of the rooms, I knew I wouldn't be able to decorate unless the roof was off.   First I had to put the lights in, which took a fair bit of faffing - drilling small holes, connecting tiny plugs onto the wires. Decided just to use wall lights as there was no way of hiding the wires If I'd put them on the ceiling. But, because they were wall lights, I needn't have done them before decorating, which would have made things much easier!

After the lighting I painted, then wallpapered - more unnecessary faffing around the wall lights. Then the carpet, which was special self adhesive dolls house carpet. Very, very sticky! So, now I have a decorated, lit basement, which I think will probably be the servant's quarters :-)

You'll notice the wallpaper looks familiar on one room. You're supposed to use dolls house wallpaper to get the scale right, but as this was my first attempt I thought I'd use some I had lying around. I'm sure the servants won't mind.

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