Thursday, May 17, 2012

RIP Rocco

I thought something was wrong last night when we got back from Amsterdam and only one cat came to meet us. Normally both appear, stretching and trying to look neglected and hungry, but failing miserably. Then Stuart saw the answer phone light blinking, and we listened to a message from the City Council asking us if we could phone them back as they had some news about our cat, and "it wasn't good". Rocco didn't appear all night, so I knew what I was going to be told, and sure enough, a very lovely lady from Streetforce told me this morning that Rocco had been found dead on the road on Monday morning, just at the back of where we live. Luckily he was tagged, so they could identify him and us.

Normally I'm a bit of a tough old boot, but this has really upset me. Rocco was definitely my cat, had a real personality, and was really affectionate. I even had him as the wallpaper on my iPhone, and had been known to blog about him!

So, now the difficult decision of do we get another? I've had at least one cat, (and up to 5), for as long as I can remember. Always rescue cats, and they have nearly all died of old age. Just recently though we've not had good luck with them, losing 4 cats in the last few years. Lucy of kidney failure, Ollie of cancer, Neo unexplained found dead in our neighbours garden, and now Rocco run over. Not sure what to do now. But, give me a while, and I can see myself off to the cat shelter.

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Graham Allsopp said...

My sympathies (to all the family); sadly I know from personal experience just how upsetting and unexpected this can be. At least you have the comfort of knowing where Rocco is.

FWIW, having been through quite a few myself, it's no bad thing to have a break, if only to avoid that heart-in-the-mouth moment when you come back from holiday. Of course, your other cat may be in need of another pal, and you will know when the time is right.

We've just a dog at the moment, which is a rather different experience!