Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hallways and staircases

Bit of a Dolls house update. I posted last time that I was worried about finishing it and starting again. Well, I've already started altering two rooms, but they were the first I'd done so I think I'm allowed some changes of mind!

Also done some work on the halls. There's 3 of them in the house, and quite fiddly. There's no decoration at all when you put the house together, just plywood and MDF - here's a couple of the rooms (ground floor hall and kitchen)

So, everything has to be done from scratch and one of the biggest mistakes I made was putting the whole house together and securing it with big screws and glue, without thinking of how easy it was going to be to decorate. I'd even fastened the stairs to the wall. So, when attempting this first hallway I decided to wallpaper very carefully and trim it round each step. Not easy. I also decided to put some wood paneling in, which I've cut to shape and varnished. Finished off with some coving, a nice light and some wide stair-carpet to hide the odd ragged paper edge. Not bad is it? I even paneled under the stairs.

However, trimming the wallpaper had scarred me for life, so when doing the second one, I managed to prise the staircase off the wall with a knife, without it coming to pieces. That meant I could paper the wall, and then stick the staircase back on. So much easier! No paneling in this one, different wallpaper and a skirting board, but same stair-carpet and flooring.

I think they look quite good together. You can see them better in this picture, and also how the other rooms are coming along. The music room now has a piano and a harp, and the living room is starting to acquire furniture. Still experimenting with colours, woods and layouts in that one.

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