Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More dollshouse updates....

Another dolls house update. The first two rooms I did were in the basement, and I've learned a lot since I did them, so I've made some changes. I've put a new carpet down in the study/games room, painted the ceiling (which I'd forgotten to do!), and put coving and skirting board in. Just needs some curtains and a fire now. Then I can get more furniture. I'm thinking of a snooker or pool table, and maybe a bar in the corner.

I've also done some painting in the scullery/servants area, and have started putting things in - I like the way this room is developing. The poodle was bought by Lily, our grandaughter, so it has to have pride of place!

 I've started experimenting with furniture in the living room trying different colours and styles. Think I'm going to stick with the darker wood, so the lighter wood dresser may have to go.

And I'm starting to dress the Dining Room. At the moment the table is set for afternoon tea, but there seems to be a couple of bottles of wine on the side table!

 So, the bottom half of the house is decorated:

The bathroom is done, but has no furniture yet. Just got a hall and three bedrooms to go.

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