Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dogs, Ospreys and blueberry mohitos

Thursday we set off in the car for another drive, this time to Leeward, parked the car on a lane, and immediately got adopted by 5 very friendly dogs who came for a walk along the beach with us and just wanted to play.

Another deserted beach, another turquoise sea.

Lovely walk along the beach with the dogs, and we got a good look at Iguana Island, more on that later! You can just see it behind the dogs in the picture above.
Then we drove along Turtle Tail, and looked at some beautiful houses, most valued at about $5m. Best start saving. Home for a swim and some great enchiladas cooked by Toby and Helen.
Friday Toby and Helen had off work, so we drove to North West Point, and took the car along the path Stu and I had walked along on Wednesday, a much better idea than walking! At the end we were met by another amazing beach

And some Ospreys. I was really surprised to see them, but we got a great view of them flying,

sitting by the beach:

And on their nest, which they're built in an old light container

Beautiful birds. We had a great walk down the beach

And then back home for lunch and a swim. In the evening we tried to catch the sunset, but we were a bit late, and it was cloudy. But we did catch an amazing bay

And a thunderstorm - the clouds were a wonderful colour

Then it was a couple of blueberry mohitos

Why have I not had this amazing drink before! A steak, and home for an earlish night

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