Monday, October 15, 2012

Turks and Caicos, here we come

Saturday was an early rise, 0330, especially as we hadn't actually gone to bed that early, having been to the City Hall to watch Alan Davies the night before. Luckily we both managed to sleep on the 3 hour drive to Heathrow. We weren't sure what BA would make of our rather unconventional luggage:

But luckily they were marvellous! 9 hour flight to Nassau, and an hour on the ground, and then the last hop to Provideciales where we stunned the customs people by walking through the "something to declare" channel and offering to pay them money. Not that I think we could have smuggled the boxes through!

Then a short drive to Toby and Helen's, and we were here. Lovely to see them both and their house, and after unpacking all of the stuff in the suitcases that we hadn't declared, including 4 pairs of curtains, we went out for a meal. Good local beer and food, but given the time difference I was a bit too tired to eat all of it. Bit of a treat to see a Night Heron walk into the bar, but none of us had cameras to capture it.

Good sleep, breakfast and out to the pool, where one of the family cats made friends with Stu and slept with him on the sunbed. Toby was having problems with his car, so we went into town and brought our hire car forward, then popped into the supermarket to pick up some essentials. Boy is it expensive over here! Cheapest wine is $14 a bottle, and even a piece of Camembert cheese was $12. Everything has to be imported, virtually nothing is produced on the island so you can understand it.

While we were out Helen revealed what was in the the boxes we had carried:

All ready for baby B-K when he arrives in March.

This afternoon we walked 10 minutes down a lane at the back of their house to be greeted by this view:

How fabulous is that. A deserted, white sand beach with a turquoise sea and blue sky. You might even see the pelican who joined us with his mate and flew so close to us, diving vertically into the sea for fish.

Of course, I had to build a dribble castle, my favourite pastime on a beach.

Then it was a short walk back, and to the pool for another swim and some reading in the sun. It's a tough life out here, but I think I could get used to it!

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