Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pin it

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Pinterest.  I'd looked at it before, about a year ago,  but couldn't figure out what to use it for.  But, now I'm hooked! I like the fact that it's very visual - its a bit like bookmarking things but done with a photo. At the moment my boards are either a collection of bookmarks of things I like - music, comedians, places I've eaten -  or new things I've seen on web pages and want to to save. Lots of fun things to do with food, recipes and cocktails!  Lots of people seem to use it for collecting "crafty" things to do, and I've just started looking at that.

One thing that has interested me, is if you look at the food related pins, how many of them especially from the US use mixes or processed food. Someone commented on twitter recently that a joint of meat put in a slow cooker with a tin of soup poured over the top doesn't count as the "best recipe ever". I am amazed how many recipes, which look good in the picture, start with "take a packet of cake mix", or cheesecake mix, or ranch mix (whatever that it).

But on the plus side, I've discovered how to make a chocolate bowl using a balloon, how to make a Goblet of Fire cocktail, and some great recipes for parties.


David Harrison said...

But can you handle "another" service? Like you, I looked at it when it was first launched but I just can't bring myself to add another distraction into my life!

That's until it really does become "mainstream". I tend to do a Google+ pst for the miscellany that you mention; I could use Communities for the "birds of a feather" type posting - but I don' tend to; I do use Events to bring stuff together nto one place.

It's all horses for courses, of course.

chris sexton said...

Well, I'm still using it, but yes, it is another distraction! Facebook and twitter still my main method of communicating, but trying to get more into Google plus.
I suppose I don't think of Pinterst as communicating particularly, just collecting interesting things, but we shall see!

chris sexton said...

Just thinking about Google+, the reason I find it difficult is that to Google I am two different people - I have my own personal account which I use for blogs etc, but at work we are a Google site, so I have a work account as well. Multiple accounts are not handled well by Google, so I find it quite difficult to manage as I never know who I'm going to be when I log in :-)