Monday, April 1, 2013

Porkpie, a bar and wet feet

Last weekend I went to Miniatura at the NEC - an exhibition of tiny things and Dolls Houses! We'd had about 48 hours of snow leading up to it, so was a bit apprehensive and it didn't get off to a good start when Stuart spent 10 minutes trying to get the car to the top of the road to take me to the station for an early train. No luck as it just spun and skidded, so I set off to walk. Unluckily I'd put the wrong boots on, and my feet got very wet! Got there OK, and had a great time, despite the wet feet.

On only the second stall I visited I saw this:

It's a Tall Bar, made by a company called Bespaq, and I've been looking for one for ages. So, I had to have it. Unfortunately, it cost more than I'd taken with me, so I ought to have left then. But didn't. I soldiered on, still with wet feet, and bought loads of little things. Some things I knew what I wanted them for - I wanted lots of stuff to dress the bar with so bought bottles, glasses and a beautiful cranberry glass punchbowl and cups:

Others I just buy because I like the look of them. Since the last Miniatura I'd wanted a very realistic salad from Mags-Miniatures, and as it was coming up to Easter I wanted something chocolatey, and was pleased to find a basket of chocolate eggs. I stopped to chat to a man who made miniature food, and fell in love with his pork pies - he very proudly showed me the jelly in them! And as I love beetroot I couldn't resist a board with all the ingredients for pickling beetroot. I even found a wobbly jelly and some rhubarb. He's my stash of food:

Eventually I ran out of money, and by now had trench foot, so trecked back to Birmingham New Street station when because I'd misjudged timings, I had an hour to wait. I hate that station. And it was freezing! But, got back home to find Stu had a whiskey mac waiting for me and a roaring fire to sit next to, so all was well. Here's what I came home with:

I've had fun the last few days putting most things in the house - and the bar looks great. This isn't a great picture, and I might redo it  this week but gives an idea of what I want to achieve:

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