Monday, April 23, 2012

Skirting boards and lights

When I bought the biggest dolls house I could find, I thought it would take me ages, but I'm really enjoying decorating it, so suspect it may be finished soon. Then I will have to furnish it. Then, I'll probably start again and redecorate. Or maybe I'll just get another one....

So, this weekend it's all been about skirting boards and lighting. Last time I posted a picture of the dining room which I'd almost finished. but now I've added some nice mahogany skirting board, and I think it looks so much better.

So impressed, I added some to the Living Room  - it finishes the room off nicely I think. Getting quite a dab hand at the mitering now as well.

I've also connected many of the lights up, including as you can see the little orange ones in the fireplaces. It is a very fiddly job, lots of very tiny wires and plugs.  I've bought some reading glasses especially to help.

Finally, I've decorated the kitchen - had huge problems with the floor, but the finished result  doesn't look too bad:

Am loving how the house looks at night all lit up. Only top two floors to go now.

And, finally, one of the lessons I said I'd learned was not to kneel down too much. Well, I've spent the last couple of weeks with a very painful knee, and this morning it was so bad I went to the doctor. Turns out its either a torn ligament or bursitis - and I've got to take anti-inflammatory tablets for a few weeks. So, the house is now on a table, and I sit on a stool!

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skirtech said...

The design was very realistic. It is an eye catching house if ever it was true. Nice aesthetics.