Monday, January 14, 2013

Dolls House Christmas

I had a great time decorating the Dolls House for Christmas. I started with some trees - plain green ones bought from various places. I used small beads, glitter, sequins and tinsel to decorate them. In total I did 5 of various sizes - here's three of them almost finished.

I bought an assortment of mini decorations, and also made a lot, then set to work on the house. i've always wanted a big hallway with a tall tree with lots of presents under it, so that was first:

The kitchen had a small tree, and some mincepies and a Christmas cake on the table

The living room had lots of decorations, as well as an array things to eat on the coffee table, including the Christmas bowl of nuts, and a couple of g and ts

On the next floor, the hallway had a bright ponsettia, holly and door wreaths, as well as fibreoptic tree which had red lights - one of my bargains from Poundland!

I decided to do the music room blue and silver, and it became my favourite room. The silver tree was also fibre optic and glowed blue.

The dining room was decorated in green and gold with a big swag on the fireplace with gold roses, which I made using the roses I'd decorated candles with at our wedding 10 years ago. I knew they would come in handy again....

There was also a feast set out with a boars head, a turkey, crackers, Christmas cake and even a bowl of brussel sprouts!

The hall on the third floor had some simple white and silver decorations

and the nursery had some old fashioned paper lanterns and some small decorations - had run out of ideas by the time I got up here - will try harder next year.

The games room in the basement had a tree and a Christmas table with sweets, cakes, wine and fruit.

The two clusters on the back wall are a pair of my Christmas earrings!
Phew. All taken down and packed away now for next year.

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