Monday, January 28, 2013

Mallet Finger?

On Saturday evening, as I was rushing to go out to a Burns Supper, I was hurriedly taking my socks off, when I accidently bent by finger under my foot. I know, sounds stupid doesn't it. I felt a twang, and before I looked at my hand, knew what I'd see. A bent middle finger tip that although I could straighten by pushing it up, bent straight back down again. Bit like this.

Was a bit sore,  not really hurting, but felt really weird. A Mallet Finger! And the reason I knew what one was - I did it to my other middle finger a few years ago when I trapped it in a drawer.
It's an injury to the extensor tendon, which normally keeps the finger straight. The tendon tears, and sometimes takes some bone with it.

I also knew what the treatment was. Off to minor injuries unit, where they were all really amused that I can done it taking a sock off. X ray showed that only a small amount of bone had come off with the tendon, so I had my splint taped on, and was given strict instructions not to take it off for 6 weeks, only to clean it and then I mustn't be tempted to bend the end to see if its fixed.  Put paid to my knitting for a bit.

Anyway, made it to the Burns Supper, and it was an excellent one too, you can just see the first whisky in the corner....

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