Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Sunday, bit of a lazy morning. Late up, breakfast, and wander down the hill to catch some dance displays, including our local team Pecsaetan from Sheffield.

Also got my first glimpse of Aefleda Terrace, or rather whats left of it after the landslide at the end of last year. Very sad. We stayed in one of the cottages for many years during folk week.

In the afternoon we went to a concert and caught The Hut People, and accordionist and a percussionist playing a very eclectic mix of tunes. The percussionist, ( who used to play with the Beautiful South) was amazing, and even managed a tune on a rain stick!

Sam, the accordionist is also brilliant

But I'm annoyed that I didn't get a picture of him doing Appalachian dancing, I was transfixed watching!

Then we saw The Wilsons, or rather, we heard them! Five brothers from the North East who definitely don't need microphones for their harmony singing.

Given that they usually have about 3 pints each lined up in front of them, I was wondering how they were going to get through this gig in a dry venue, but they came prepared, carrying cans of Guinness and bottles of beer!

Back to the house for tea, and then out in the evening to the Spa for the ceilidh, where we danced until the end, and watched a great performance from the Witchmen and their big, loud band

Monday with a lecture-some serious research! It was on Percy Grainger, a folk song collector who collected many songs from Lincolnshire around 1906. He recorded on a phonograph such fine singers as Joseph Taylor, who's version of Brigg Fair went on to be adapted in a set of orchestral variations by Delius.

Then to The Shambles for lunch with various friends and family, where we were treated a performance from the infamous Scratch Morris

and whilst they went to the storytelling, I went for a wander up to the back of Aefleda Terrace, one the remaining terraces has been left without a gable end.

Also caught up with more dancing, including Clogarythym

And met a huge Pirate!

Then it was Dance Adversity Challenge, two Morris teams in a University Challenge type quiz, one from Yorkshire, one from Lancashire, so a good deal of rivalry in the audience

All ably chaired by Stanley Accrington, but unfortunately Lancashire won!

Tea was an enormous curry takeaway, with enough to feed the 500, and we had a special performance from Jacob and Felix, who had played in public earlier at a session for the first time. Remember you saw them here first!

Then we saw Alistair Anderson in concert, and went for a bop at the Disco ceilidh. Here's an example of what it's like dancing at a disco ceilidh....

Madness! Great music, a great caller, and Sam Pirt makes a grand DJ!

We were treated to two excellent nice spots, Earlsden Morris, who are one of the most energetic dance teams I've seen, and this short clip doesn't do them justice as I stopped recording just before they went into double time!

But, the highlight of the evening was Star and Shadow Rapper who performed to Waterloo, video doesn't pick up enough of the sound of their shoes, but they were perfectly in time to the music. Quite a feat, or quite some feet...

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