Friday, August 2, 2013

Monday to Wednesday

Drove to Cartegena again, and this time I remembered to take my phone so there's some pictures.

It has a lot of Modernista architecture, like a mini Barcelona, some lovely villas, and many being refurbished.

The main square and Town Hall are lovely,

We visited the Castle first, and to get there you have to go up a scenic lift and cross a walkway. They call it scenic. I called it scary. Don't like heights. Or lifts. Or walkways.

But the views were pretty good when you got there

The streets are full of public art, mainly statues

And we explored a bit before visiting the roam forum, of which quite a lot has been uncovered and preserved.

Including some nice mosaics

Had lunch in a cafe on the Main Street, and got back in time for a read and swim at the pool.
Then we had a BBQ in our little garden

And were visited by a group of slightly older kittens who entertained us for hours.

Lazy day. See previous posts

Drove to Santiago de la Riberia for lunch. Lovely seaside town. Parked near an interesting building. No idea what it was.

Went to the beach, and I got my toes wet.

Sat and had a beer, or two

And looked across the lagoon to La Manga, where you could clearly see the buildings on it.

Came home for dinner at a restaurant just down the road where we met a lovely couple and their children who'd ordered too much food and tried to share it with us. Trouble was, so had we.
We keep underestimating the size of Spanish starters which I think are meant to be shared by about 4 people, and we order one each...

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