Friday, August 23, 2013

Whitby, the middle section

Tuesday began with a folky version of QI, very funny and a pleasant, easy start to the day. JK look a bit stumped here!

Then I strolled up to the Met to see one of my favourite singers, Steve Tilston, who was not even supposed to be appearing, but standing in for someone else. He was great, as always, and here's a very short clip of him singing  The Fisher Lad of Whitby

I was also lucky to catch The Foxglove Trio who were on before him. One of the good things about Whitby is seeing lots of artists, most of whom you've never heard of before and you get to see some really good ones, Foxglove Trio definitely fell into that category.

There's so much real ale in Whitby, but I've not had any, sticking to lager and cider, whats wrong with me!

Then it was back down to see Family Folk Tunes, a brilliant take off of Family Fortunes, where 100 folkies are asked the questions, and this year we were all included, so knew the questions, and could make some intelligent guesses at the answers. One of the teams were friends from Sheffield, and it was hosted as always by Stanley Accrington

The famous question, what instrument would you throw off a cliff, gets the same top two answers every year....

Tea was fish and chips on the go, as we were dashing up to the Met for a concert, interesting to see a cruise liner off shore, never seen one here before.

Great view of the Church and the Abbey as well

Massive queue for the concert, which was entitled Together in Harmony, and was 6 acts harmony singing with little or no accompaniment. Fab concert, really enjoyed it, and eventually got a seat. Started off with the Wilsons, and then the Young Uns, who were great, amazing voices.

I was also impressed with another young band, Teracups, who did some great mouth music

After that, off to the Spa for the late night extra with 422 and more dancing. A tiring day, but great fun.

Wednesday started with some shopping and making a bolognese for tea, and then off to the Spa for a concert, 422 and friends. You never know who's going to be on, and they always bring lots of Young People, this year being no exception.

Then another quick dash to the storytelling, which was interrupted by the swing bridge being open!

The storyteller was Ursula Holden-Gill, and she was excellent, certainly not a shrinking violet!

Back home for tea, and then we got a taxi, normally we walk everywhere, but we were going to the Rugby Club and its a bit far out. Another great concert, starting with our great friend, Pete Morton

Followed by a stream of great entertainers, including Chris Parkinson, another friend, and Alistair Russell

And finishing off with Dave Burland, a wonderful Yorkshire singer.

After it we walked to the Spa for a special late night event with Sheelanagig, a band plating Balkan, gypsy, folky, sort of music. Very loudly.

Lots of bopping from the audience and some dancing and acrobatics form the band. Excellent, but by about 1am we'd had enough and wended our weary way home!

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